The One True Dark Lord of the Sith: A Speculative Analysis on Emperor Palpatine and His Role In The Rise of Skywalker

Obviously, we know very little about The Rise of Skywalker and what it entails for our heroes and villains. There have been some leaks and some guesses, but let’s face it: nobody managed to predict the title and nobody managed to predict the return of Sheev Palpatine.

The fandom, even the casual audience, is brimming with questions. Isn’t Palpatine dead? Where has he been for the last thirty years? Is he alive? A ghost? Something else? And most importantly, what is his connection to Snoke and Kylo Ren?

We have no answers yet, and I am not going to pretend that I’m any more enlightened than you are.

But I’m just as curious, and what does a writer do when they’re curious about something? Why, they write about it!

This is the first in my speculative analysis series on The Rise of Skywalker. The series will cover everything from the fate of the Jedi, to the Resistance, the First Order, the nature of the Force and of course all major characters. I chose to start with Palpatine because he is both the biggest surprise so far, and because he’s a fascinating character in his own right.

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The Rise of Skywalker Trailer Analysis

Let me be straight here: I left the Star Wars fandom. I cancelled my subscription to Star Wars: The Old Republic. I uninstalled both Knights of the Old Republic games from my computer. I haven’t watched a Star Wars film since The Last Jedi.

Jeffery Jacob Abrams, however, is an emotionally manipulative bastard who’s out to get me personally, and so he cooked up this little trailer. And guess what? I’m back. Yay me.

Join me under the cut as I analyze this newest bit of emotional trauma.

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Kylo! Ren! Versus! Darth! Vader! Versus! Loki!

First off, I would like to apologize to the Epic Rap Battle of History team for staining their good intro with two worthless characters.

Secondly, I’m tired of Kylo. The Tumblr fandom, both for and against, have managed to elevate this character far beyond any possible role or worth he has in the story. Here’s a hint, guys: Kylo Ren is not the hero of these or any movies. He never will be. He’s not being presented as such. He’s a tragic villain who’s going to die in IX, The Dragon to Snoke. A pawn, to be used and discarded.

So this is going to be my last post on the guy. Period. No more will this idiot’s drama darken my dash.

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The Great Untwist of The Last Jedi

You’d be amazed at what a good night’s sleep can do for you.

No, really. You would. The need to throttle an entire fandom just kind of… disappears after a good night’s sleep.

So today, I want to talk about how The Last Jedi is almost certainly going not going to have any major, ‘shocking’ twists in it.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Probably) Isn’t Going To Be That Dark

It’s been a good week for me, I got to admit. Aside from one bit of oddity from Pablo Hidalgo (which ultimately works out way more in my favour than it doesn’t, but I still think it’s bullshit), everything that’s gone on this week has been in my favour:

  • First, there was those two Q&A’s from Rian that managed to completely avoid Kylo Ren. Given that one of them was coordinated entirely by Rian, that should put the kibosh on the idea that he stans Kylo. It didn’t, but when Kylo doesn’t get half the screentime his anti’s and pro’s expect him to, I’m going to be laughing my ass off in here.
  • Then there’s Rian’s confirmation, once again, that he’s just following the logical progression of what came before. I kept telling you guys that he wasn’t twisting the characters out of shape, but did you listen? Nooooo.
  • Then there’s Rolling Stone’s article on TLJ. Which confirms that Daisy and J.J. both knew who Rey’s parents were and that Rian didn’t need to be told by anybody; he came to the same conclusion on his own. There’s really only one possibility that is that obvious, and that’s Rey Skywalker.
  • Speaking of Pablo, he confirmed that the FO were the bad guys. I told you they weren’t being presented as the good guys! Look, I don’t like Pablo. But when he flat out states something, with no maybes in his wording, there’s not a whole lot you can do. That’s him acting in his capacity as the Official Rep of Kathleen Kennedy, and if Kennedy decides that the FO are the bad guys, then they’re the bad guys. We’ve seen, repeatedly, that Kennedy has no problem with telling people who don’t follow the Star Wars rules to take a hike, so there shouldn’t be any question about how the FO is going to be presented.

Am I feeling just a little smug? Oh, you bet your ass I am. But today, we’re not discussing just how awesome I am. No, we’re going to discuss just how ‘dark’ TLJ is going to be.

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