This Isn’t The Apocalypse, So Stop Comparing To Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, Maybe?

Hello all you happy people! Are you alive, well staying the fuck at home?


So, first things first. I’m fine, working slowly on my writing projects while playing Tales of Berseria. And waiting for Trudeau to pay me while my dog-sitting slowly dies. 🤷‍♀️What are you gonna do? Point out to the Americans that they’ve always been self-righteous thieves who will gladly murder the entire rest of the world so as to maintain their fragile egos? That’s sounds like a great plan!

So yeah. Donny-boy and his team of Yanks are stealing masks from Germany, France, his own fucking states and is trying to block 3M from shipping masks to Canada. Back to Canada, I should say, as all the supplies used to make the damned things originate here. Holy Godzilla, Donny, I always knew your country was evil, but past administrations at least tried to do a little good. You’re like, Monty Burns at this point.

Something else that’s been bugging me: the recent takes I’ve seen comparing this pandemic to apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction. It goes something like this: this, normal if nasty, pandemic isn’t destroying society but bringing it together (no fucking shit, Sherlock), so clearly those macho (wtf?) post-apocalyptic stories like Mad Max: Fury Road (the angry, feminist post-apocalyptic movie that deconstructed every aspect of modern masculinity it could get it’s hands on is now uber-macho? What?) are wrong! In short, it’s the old school yard shout of ‘I read better books than you, ha ha!’ given an intellectual, sort of feminist veneer.

Here’s the truth, oh chuckleheaded ones: the reason the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t behaving anything like apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction is because they’re completely fucking different events! Covid-19 is a virulent, dangerous coronavirus, true. It’s killed a lot of people and will kill more.

It is not: Skynet launching all nukes at once (Terminator), total and sudden environmental collapse (Mad Max), an asteroid smashing into us and reenacting the K-Pg extinction (the nineties. God that was popular in the nineties), nor is it some massive volcano spewing tons of ash and whatnot into the air.

You know what’s common to all those scenarios? The suddenness of it. As opposed to a pandemic, which is pretty slow (by disaster standards, anyway) giving us a ton of time to react.

Have we done so? Er, not as well as we should have. But we, even the Americans, have taken the steps necessary to contain the virus. It will end. The death toll will stop, and the economy will recover. It will be a different society at the end, and hopefully a better one, but not the fucking end!

Stay safe. Stay at home. Don’t listen to Trump.

I’m Back!

Hi guys! First post of the new year, and it is a short one, I’ll admit.

First things first. Some of you may have noticed a new addition to the top post on this site. Yes, ladies and gentlemen I’m now on Draft2Digital! Those universal book links will take you to any bookstore to buy my books.

And that’s kind of it for this week. I’ll be back next week with a longer, well, rant about how the new Birds of Prey movie is fucking terrible.

Have a good week!

Testuya Nomura and Brian Mitsoda, You’ve Stolen My Productivity!

Yeah, so guess what I’ve been doing for the past three weeks or so?

Between That Announcement and buying the total Kingdom Hearts package (don’t judge me), I haven’t gotten any work done.

On the other hand, I got a lot done beforehand, so when I resume working in April I should zip right along.

See you next week!

A Wild Generation Has Appeared!

Goooooood morning internet!

Over this cold yet? I sure am. And it’s not quite done with us yet. Another week to go.

Speaking of cold, I’m going to be frank: I didn’t get much done in February due to the cold. I was shut down, so to speak.

So everything on my to-do list from the last time I spoke to you? Yeah, that’s been pushed back a month. I’m still writing, though, and I will have new chapters up and ready soon! Promise.

In the meantime, though, I want to talk about Pokémon: Sword and Shield.

Join me under the cut!

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Greetings, fellow true believers! Another week, another blog post.

First things first. As you all know by now, I am uploading all my novels to Smashwords and in preparation for breaking with Amazon entirely. Robots and Vampires: A Cyborg’s Odyssey is already up on Smashwords, and I will have both The Standard Tech Case Files: The Black Coats and The Dead and the Damned up by the end of this week. All three will be on by the end of the month.

Beginning in February, I will go back to writing my fanfiction and the next novel in the Standard Tech Case Files series. Also starting in February, I will have new rewards for my patrons on Patreon, so be sure to check those out! More details later.

Today, though, I want to talk about something else for a minute. Specifically, I want to talk about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. Join me under the cut!

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