Kickstarter is live!!!!!

Yes, the Kickstarter for The Standard Tech Case Files: The Dead and The Damned is live! Yay!

I’m so happy.

Here’s the link:

Announcing My Next Novel!

That’s right ladies and gents, I am ready to announce my next novel. The Standard Tech Case Files: The Dead and the Damned is the second novel in the The Standard Tech Case Files series, chronicling the further investigations of Joey Bianco and Jen Ryan in their violent, blood-soaked world where morality is relative and everybody is guilty.

However, I need your help to publish this next tome. As such, I’ve set up a small Kickstarter project. It’s set to go live August 1st, but the preview is up: I would appreciate any feedback or comments that you have.

Short Stories

Starting in August, I will be publishing one short story a month on These will mostly be set after The Black Coats and provide set-up for the next novel, whose title I will be announcing in September. There will also be one or two set shortly after the events in Robots And Vampires. These stories will greatly expand on the world I have created, and let us see events and people that the novels won’t be able to chronicle.