Another Rant On Comic Book Costumes; Or Why The Leotard Is Unfairly Maligned.

The thing about working on comic book fanfiction while playing Injustice 2 is you get thinking about comic book costumes. And you get thinking about most people, from artists to fans to critics, are thinking about comic book costumes wrong.

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A Rant on Superhero Costumes; Or Why All Modern Costumes Suck.

So Netherrealm Studios has been promising to add in hoods for Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen into Injustice 2. There is no expressing the degree to which this pisses me off, but I thought I would share my thoughts on the terrible state of superhero costumes with you.

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Yes ladies and gentlefreaks, there is an update:

  • The Uncanny X-Men: Part two of the Vanisher arc is up. Part three is in progress at about 20% done.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man! We’re out of the Chameleon’s introduction and into the Vulture! Part one is in progress, at about 15% done.
  • Pokémon Red Version: this next chapter is coming along very slowly and I apologize for that. However I say it’s about 50% done.
  • Batman: What, you thought I was going to do a fanfic universe based off of comics and miss this guy? Not a chance. The first chapter is around fifty percent done.
  • Wonder Woman: Call it a little over 25% done.
  • Superman: About 33% done. Big first chapter, don’t expect it to come out for a while.
  • The Fantastic Four: About 25% done.
  • No Blood For Business: On temporary hiatus. I hope to get back at after May.

Writer’s Block

The bane of creative endeavours. And what I’m suffering from, currently.

So updates to my fanfiction and No Blood For Business are coming, they’re just coming along very slowly at the moment. I will continue to chip away at them and keep you posted.

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