A Good Night’s Sleep

Which I didn’t actually get last night, but it was still the best sleep I had in over a month.

I’m still tired and exhausted and writing has been spotty because of that. But every day I’m feeling a little better and by Sunday? I should be back in full on ass-kicking mode.

I’ll keep you guys updated.



Yes ladies and gentlefreaks, there is an update:

  • The Uncanny X-Men: Part two of the Vanisher arc is up. Part three is in progress at about 20% done.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man! We’re out of the Chameleon’s introduction and into the Vulture! Part one is in progress, at about 15% done.
  • Pokémon Red Version: this next chapter is coming along very slowly and I apologize for that. However I say it’s about 50% done.
  • Batman: What, you thought I was going to do a fanfic universe based off of comics and miss this guy? Not a chance. The first chapter is around fifty percent done.
  • Wonder Woman: Call it a little over 25% done.
  • Superman: About 33% done. Big first chapter, don’t expect it to come out for a while.
  • The Fantastic Four: About 25% done.
  • No Blood For Business: On temporary hiatus. I hope to get back at after May.

Writer’s Block

The bane of creative endeavours. And what I’m suffering from, currently.

So updates to my fanfiction and No Blood For Business are coming, they’re just coming along very slowly at the moment. I will continue to chip away at them and keep you posted.

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The Standard Tech Case Files-The Dead and The Damned (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MRSBC7I): Tensions between humanity and vampires are heating up. A vampire store has been ransacked. Protestors are being arrested without trial. Can Joey Bianco and Jen Ryan find a peaceful solution? Or will the streets of Fort City run red with blood?

Up! Date!

Goooood morning everybody! Just a quick update on all my shenanigans.

So, I’ve spent the last two, three days playing Star Wars: Battlefront II, and oh man is it awesome. However, I also haven’t got a lot of writing down in that time, so there might be some delays-ish. Not sure if there will be or how much, just letting you know ahead of time.

On another note, due to all the recent trailers and t.v. spots, I feel it is time to do another Star Wars analysis. I’ll have it up for you later today.

See you later!

Tuesday Update!

First one in a while, eh?

Just to recap, the Standard Tech Case Files title contest is over. The winner, by a landslide, is No Blood for Business. A huge thanks to all who participated!

Secondly, chapter seven of The Uncanny X-Men is live. Check it out here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12008556/1/The-Uncanny-X-Men-Children-of-the-Atom There will be another chapter up this Sunday.

Speaking of updates, No Blood for Business is coming along swimmingly, but it won’t be released until at least early next year, and probably closer to April/May, mostly due to financial considerations. I will keep you updated, though, and you can expect a preview chapter this month.

On a final note, ground has been officially broken on my Spider-Man fanfiction. It’s part of the same universe as The Uncanny X-Men, and that first chapter should also be out this month.

Tune in next week, when I shall have even more goodies for you!

The Standard Tech Case Files Title Contest Is Live!

Yes it is!

Now remember, the contest comes in two parts.

Part One: you submit your title ideas to me through the comments section on these posts, or the messenger services on Facebook/Tumblr. You can also tweet them to me via Twitter.

Part Two: I take the suggestions I like best and put them in a poll which I will post here on WordPress! And then you get to vote on the titles you like best. The winner will receive copies of all four of my novels! Second and third place winners will get characters named after them!

Best of luck! I look forward to all your suggestions!

More Contest Details!

You want to win my title contest? Of course you do! But first you need to know what my novel is about!

The next novel in The Standard Tech Case Files series is a murder mystery taking place in the vampire quarter of Fort City, a fictional town on the north-east coast of the United States. It follows Joey Bianco, experienced cop and relentless cynic, and his young optimistic squire Jen Ryan as the search for the truth behind the death of one of the city’s leading citizens. A prominent businessman in the vampire has been found dead. Was he murdered? If so, by who? The wife? The wife’s lover? The majordomo? The businessman’s lover? Any of the group the businessman has pissed off over the years? And where does the theft of the businessman’s will fit into all of this?

There will be betrayal! Femme fatales! Sword fights! And of course, in good hardboiled fashion, much wry humour!

I look forward to seeing your suggestions!

Title Contest!

The next adventure of vampire in sour armour Joey Bianco and his plucky apprentice Jen Ryan in The Standard Tech Case Files series is coming out soon, but it’s missing something: a title!

Do you have an idea that can fix that?

Win digital copies of all four novels, simply by submitting a suggested name!

Second and third place winners will get a character named after them!

Contest Details!

As promised, here are details for the contest to decide the title for the next novel in The Standard Tech Case Files series!

The contest will be in two parts: firstly you, my legions of wonderful fans, will submit suggestions for the title! You do this either through the comments section on the Facebook posts, via Twitter or on these posts on Tumblr and here on WordPress!

In the second part, I will take the top five suggestions I like best and put them in a poll here on WordPress. The top suggestion will get not only the joy of titling my book, but also free copies of all four of my novels. Third and second place contestants will get characters named after them.