In Like Finn: A Speculative Analysis of the Sequel Trilogy’s Most Misunderstood Hero

Greetings folks! The results of last week’s Tumblr poll are in, and the votes tallied. Finn won by a landslide!

So today, that’s who we’re going to talk about. Who Finn is, why he’s with the Resistance, and most importantly, what lies ahead for him in The Rise of Skywalker.

Join me under the cut!

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For the love of Finn!

Happy Ripoff Day, everybody! How are we today? Already dreading the endless turkey sandwiches? Excellent, that’s what you get for ripping off a Canadian holiday.

But I’m not solely here to berate you about American’s inferiority complex. No, today I want to talk about Finn. You know, the Deuteragonist of┬áthe Sequels? The only on-film stormtrooper with a conscience? The best shot in the galaxy, second only to Han?

Yeah, that guy. Join me under the cut!

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