Some Art For You

So, one of the things I’m working on this year is learning how to draw. Mostly, this is because I need a map for Fort City, Joey and Jen’s haunt.

Naturally, progress has been slow, but damn good for somebody who hasn’t drawn anything since junior high!

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So, here are some samples of my attempts at drawing:

My first attempt at a map for Fort City. It’s supposed to be a star fort, but I don’t think this map quite got where I wanted.

My second, abortive attempt at a map. I realized about halfway through I’d drawn the vertical lines too far out. I needed to move them in more.

My final map for Fort City! Well, not quite. There’s a lot I’m not satisfied with (and more I haven’t settled on), but it is more or less the right shape.

The extra lines are supposed to be city streets, but I think for this map at this scale they just make the map look busy. I’m going to tinker with it some more.

My first attempt at drawing a human being! And it turned into something of a robot man. Whoops.

The non-robotic drawings are my dad’s. When I showed him my picture, he scribbled out some suggestions to help me improve.

I have good parents.

My most recent attempt at a human. Still a stick figure, but less of a robot.

Lots of practice yet!