Hi guys!

So I’ve finally got the revised version of The Uncanny X-Men Chapter 4 up. However, that took longer than I expected and as such, everything else has been delayed somewhat. The next chapter of The Amazing Spider-Man won’t be up until tomorrow.

See you guys then!

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Short post today. I’m getting set up on AO3, and as such I’m going to be re-writing the entries in The Uncanny X-Men. Nothing major, but there’s ideas and concepts that didn’t get into the previous versions I did and I want to add them. Also there are some characterization mistakes that I made that need to be corrected.

As the entries are re-written, I will be re-uploading them to both Tumblr and Fanfiction.net. So keep an eye out!

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The Standard Tech Case Files: The Black Coats

Some Thoughts On The Upcoming Black Panter Movie

Hi guys! So I’ve got some good news: the next chapter of The Uncanny X-Men should be out within the next couple of weeks! Three at the most.

In the meantime, however, I thought I would share some of my thoughts about the upcoming Black Panther movie.

Thing is, I’ve never read a Black Panther comic and only one, maybe two others with him in it. My exposure to the character has been pretty much limited to Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Captain America: Civil War. So this is about as close to the point of view of the general audience who have never heard of Black Panther before as you’re going to get.

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Mr. Darcy As Raymond Chandler’s Hero

So I’m still working on my analyses of Universal Horror films. Given how my work on Dracula (1931) turned out, however, I think that those analyses need something of re-think. At least in how I do them.

While I’m puzzling that out, I thought I’d keep my dedicated readers entertained by offering other analyses. In particular, today, we’re going to be talking about one Fitzwilliam Darcy and how is damn near literally the incarnation of Raymond Chandler’s hero as expressed in his landmark essay “The Simple Art of Murder.”

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