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It’s been a busy weekend for me, so I haven’t gotten any writing done. I’ll see you Wednesday!

EDIT: Well, not anymore. I took a bad fall yesterday and scraped my hands and knees. I’m okay, but I’ll be out of commission for a couple of days at least due to the pain.

So, the next Fandom Heresy post will be out Sunday instead.

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Fandom Funnies: Tales of Symphonia Characters As D&D Classes

Hi folks and welcome to another round of Fandom Funnies. Today, we’re going to be looking at how to build Tales of Symphonia characters in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

So, first, a caveat: I am not a fan of D&D. If it weren’t for Baldur’s Gate 3, I’d happily go about my days ignoring Dungeons and Dragons and only playing Tales of games. However, I am pretty big Tales of fan, especially Tales of Symphonia. With that out of the way, let’s get down to business!

  1. Lloyd Irving: Lloyd’s the easiest. He’s just a dual-wielding Human Fighter. Hell, in 5e, Fighters even get multiple attacks like Lloyd! While a D&D Fighter can’t really pull off something like Sword Rain, they still get the most attacks out of any D&D class. So they get closer to Lloyd’s spam attack style better than anyone else. Plus, Lloyd has no magic and neither do most Fighter subclasses.
  2. Genis Sage: Genis is likewise easy. He’s an Elf Sorcerer. Why Sorcerer and not Wizard, you ask? Well, as of 5e, the Wizard class is more of a utility caster whereas the Sorcerer has been moved to Black Mage status. And Genis is just about the purest expression of a Black Mage in the Tales of series. The other Black Mage class in D&D 5e is the Warlock, but Genis doesn’t get his powers from a pact, so that’s right out.
  3. Colette Brunel: Colette is an odd one, due to her unusual weapons and Angel powers, but if you look past that, Colette is easy to class. She’s just a dual-wielding Rogue, albeit a clumsy one. Don’t believe me? Colette’s primary uses to your team are damage dealing and stealing. What are a Rogue’s primary uses to a D&D team? Oh yeah, stealing and damage dealing! You could also count her as dual-classing as a Divine Soul Warlock due to her Angel powers and they fact that they come from Cruxis pretending to be Angels.
  4. Kratos/Zelos: This is where this gets difficult. Kratos and Zelos are the resident Magic Knights of the party, which ordinarily means I’d place them as Eldritch Knights and have done. However, both guys get healing magic which Eldritch Knights really don’t. The next most obvious suggestion, Paladin, doesn’t get the elemental damaging spells that Kratos/Zelos get. Still, I think Paladin is closest class to what Kratos/Zelos are in-game, so that’s what I’m going with.
  5. Raine Sage: Raine is another tricky one. In D&D, the classic healing class is the Cleric. However, while Raine is the healing companion of the game, D&D Clerics are good at physical combat and Raine is, um, not. So I’m going to make her a Divine Soul Sorcerer.
  6. Sheena Fujibayashi: Sheena’s the most complicated of the lot. On the one hand, she is a ninja from a clan of ninjas in-game. So Rogue, right? Well, no; Sheena has no Rogue abilities. Her primary method of attack is various buffs, debuffs and elemental attacks with her cards, plus summons she gets through pacts. There is not an exact fit in D&D, but I think Warlock is best.
  7. Presea Combattir: While the greataxe is the stereotypical Barbarian weapon in D&D, Presea resembles a Fighter more. She doesn’t have as many multi-attacks as Lloyd, but she lacks the lightning bruiser tendencies of Barbarians and is more of a Mighty Glacier in heavy armour. So, Fighter it is.
  8. Regal Bryant: Monk. Seriously, there’s no other class in D&D who uses ki and bare fists (or legs, in Regal’s case), so yeah. It has to be Monk.

That’s it guys, just something fun to keep us all occupied while I work on the next Fandom Heresy. I’ll see you next week!


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