Status Update


I know I’ve missed updating the last two weeks. And The Vampire Club won’t be out this month either. I’ve been working through some shit, and I’m still recovering from the damage Ticketmaster did to me.

However, I’m getting back on track. November will be clean.

Character Creation

So, I’m doing the story notes for The Vampire Club, the short story that’s supposed to come out this month, and I’m creating characters for it.

Now, most people, when they create a character they’re all like, ‘does this character fit in the world? Does this accurately represent what’s going in the real world? What are their goals and dreams and all that shit?’ And I’m like, ‘Goth Muslim chick who’s the token straight in her gang of gay and bisexual friends and is a total chatterbox. Awesome. Let’s roll with that. Figure out the important shit later.’ ‘Cause I’m a crazy person, that’s why.

Anyway, while you’re waiting on the further adventures of the crazy people at Standard Tech, you can check out their current adventures on Amazon in the novels Robots and Vampires (*Version*=1&*entries*=0) and The Standard Tech Case Files: The Black Coats (*Version*=1&*entries*=0). Both are free on Kindle Unlimited and The Black Coats will completely free for five days starting Thursday in honour of Canadian Thanksgiving.

Later peoples!

More Vampire notes!

Hi peoples. I know this is a bit late, but here are some more background notes for my vampire stories.

The Flock
• The Flock is the human population of a domain that the vampire lord is responsible for. Not every human in a city is a part of the Flock, and many members of the Flock resent regular human society.
• Overall, the Flock worships vampires in place of human religion and seek to emulate their masters.
o For example, given that vampires are shapeshifters and capable of twisting themselves into a variety of forms whereas the Flock is not, body modification is considered religious devotion amongst the Flock. This includes, but is not limited to: genital beading, breast and penis implants, body piercings, tattoos, ear piercing, neck rings, eyeball tattooing, extraocular implants, subdermal implants and more.
• The Flock is divided as follows:
o Sheep: the majority of any Flock, and the reason it is named such. They are usually docile and productive members of vampire society, and have often fled human society due to oppression. As such, they often resent the rest of humanity, especially when they try to steal sheep from the Flock.
o Cattle: what vampires call humans who aren’t part of the Flock. As noted above, there is a bitter rivalry between sheep and cattle.
o Pigs: mortal cops, as opposed to vampire cops, who are called guard dogs.
o Hounds: the nickname for vampire hunters.
o Rabbits: humans who like to date or sleep with vampires, and who get off on being bitten. So called because they are active participants in their seduction.
 Hares/Jackrabbits: the wilder and more dangerous cousins of rabbits. So-named because originally, hares would act like rabbits, seducing the vampire as much as they were seduced and then killing the vampire. Later versions are sometimes less subtle, and use the hare/jackrabbit motif openly.
o Parasites/Ticks: gangsters, serial killers, and other problems that plague a Flock. For the most part, this is what a Master-at-Arms would deal with, as opposed to other vampires or therianthropes.