Weekly Randomness

Greetings, my fellow random response generators! Welcome to this month’s first post!

This is just going to give you a brief idea of what the plan for this month is. There will be a new post every Sunday. Yes, every Sunday. It won’t be preview chapters from No Blood For Business or Brockhold; while those are coming this month, they won’t be a part of the Sunday posts. While you are waiting for new chapters, you can check out previous short stories and preview chapters here: https://www.patreon.com/joshstoodley?fan_landing=true

This month in Fandom Heresies we will look at The Killing Joke, its relationship with Barbara Gordon, Crisis On Infinite Earths and Redwall.

I hope to see you all this month!

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Blog Schedule For The Coming Weeks

Hi-ho, Falconlord here with the planned update schedule for the next few weeks.

  • September 26th: A short story set in the Brockhold universe.
  • October 3rd: A Fandom Heresy post on The Killing Joke and it’s effect on Barbara Gordon.
  • October 10th: A short story set in the Standard Tech universe
  • October 17th: A Fandom Heresy post on Crisis On Infinite Earths
  • October 24th: A Brockhold short story.

The exact order is subject to change, but this is the basic plan.

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New Fandom Heresy Post Coming Wednesday

It’s been a busy weekend for me, so I haven’t gotten any writing done. I’ll see you Wednesday!

EDIT: Well, not anymore. I took a bad fall yesterday and scraped my hands and knees. I’m okay, but I’ll be out of commission for a couple of days at least due to the pain.

So, the next Fandom Heresy post will be out Sunday instead.

Toothaches And Other Shenanigans

Hi guys! I know I promised a post last week, but I have in fact been in crippling agony for the past week or so due to a cavity that I should have taken care of years ago, but didn’t.


But you don’t want to know about my pain, you want to know about my writing.

And, admittedly, I haven’t gotten a lot done this month. Between the American election and my toothache, I’ve been drained to the max.

So here’s a quick update.

The Standard Tech Case Files: No Blood For Business

Work on the first chapter continues apace. Originally, I had planned to have the first chapter and second chapter finished for this month, but that’s not going to happen.

A preview for the first chapter can be seen on my Patreon. Link here: https://www.patreon.com/joshstoodley


Introducing my newest series, Brockhold! Inspired by the Redwall series by the late (and deeply lamented) Brian Jacques, it takes place in a pseudo-England inhabited by woodland creatures.

The main character is Redfur (name open to revision) a weasel commoner recently promoted to High Constable of Brockhold. He and his best friend, Hob Short-tail, must contend with the damage done to the castle’s guard by the previous High Constable, the lord of Brockhold’s son.

That’s not all the two have to contend with, though. Lord Morchyn of Brockhold intends to marry his son off to Countess Johanna, the young and newly ascended lady of another hold. In Countess Johanna’s retinue is the Lady Ailenor Laflamme, a weasel who’s as hard-bitten and cynical as Redfur himself is.

While the two retainers clash over what is best for their lords, other victims of the previous war arise, with plans of their own…

As always, preview chapters will be posted on Patreon.


This has been a slow year for updates to my fanfic, and I apologize for that.

However, more is coming!

Wonder Woman

The next chapter is going to undergo a complete re-write; currently it’s all exposition and bad exposition at that.

So that may not come out this year.

That’s it for this time, I’ll see you guys again soon!

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If This Election Taught Us One Thing, It’s That Americans Don’t Need Trump To Be Evil

The polls close. Trump loses. How does the American left respond?

Why, by blaming absolutely everybody else for their failures and instigating a civil war!

That’s in addition to Americans continual need to comment on nations they don’t understand, couldn’t if they tried, and can’t find on a map, thus putting the citizens of the country in danger. Fucking empires, they never change, do they?

Oh! Oh! And all that’s in addition to Trump refusing to concede the election for weeks, stirring up white supremacist and neo-Nazi violence, culminating in that little march last night.

Fuck me, but I do hate America.

On to other news, I haven’t gotten anything done in the first two weeks of November (gee, I wonder why?). Starting tomorrow, however, that will change.

I’ll even have an update for you on yet another project I’ve started! Yeah, yeah, I know.

Later alligators. Don’t let the Americans bite.

This Isn’t The Apocalypse, So Stop Comparing To Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, Maybe?

Hello all you happy people! Are you alive, well staying the fuck at home?


So, first things first. I’m fine, working slowly on my writing projects while playing Tales of Berseria. And waiting for Trudeau to pay me while my dog-sitting slowly dies. 🤷‍♀️What are you gonna do? Point out to the Americans that they’ve always been self-righteous thieves who will gladly murder the entire rest of the world so as to maintain their fragile egos? That’s sounds like a great plan!

So yeah. Donny-boy and his team of Yanks are stealing masks from Germany, France, his own fucking states and is trying to block 3M from shipping masks to Canada. Back to Canada, I should say, as all the supplies used to make the damned things originate here. Holy Godzilla, Donny, I always knew your country was evil, but past administrations at least tried to do a little good. You’re like, Monty Burns at this point.

Something else that’s been bugging me: the recent takes I’ve seen comparing this pandemic to apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction. It goes something like this: this, normal if nasty, pandemic isn’t destroying society but bringing it together (no fucking shit, Sherlock), so clearly those macho (wtf?) post-apocalyptic stories like Mad Max: Fury Road (the angry, feminist post-apocalyptic movie that deconstructed every aspect of modern masculinity it could get it’s hands on is now uber-macho? What?) are wrong! In short, it’s the old school yard shout of ‘I read better books than you, ha ha!’ given an intellectual, sort of feminist veneer.

Here’s the truth, oh chuckleheaded ones: the reason the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t behaving anything like apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction is because they’re completely fucking different events! Covid-19 is a virulent, dangerous coronavirus, true. It’s killed a lot of people and will kill more.

It is not: Skynet launching all nukes at once (Terminator), total and sudden environmental collapse (Mad Max), an asteroid smashing into us and reenacting the K-Pg extinction (the nineties. God that was popular in the nineties), nor is it some massive volcano spewing tons of ash and whatnot into the air.

You know what’s common to all those scenarios? The suddenness of it. As opposed to a pandemic, which is pretty slow (by disaster standards, anyway) giving us a ton of time to react.

Have we done so? Er, not as well as we should have. But we, even the Americans, have taken the steps necessary to contain the virus. It will end. The death toll will stop, and the economy will recover. It will be a different society at the end, and hopefully a better one, but not the fucking end!

Stay safe. Stay at home. Don’t listen to Trump.

I’m Back!

Hi guys! First post of the new year, and it is a short one, I’ll admit.

First things first. Some of you may have noticed a new addition to the top post on this site. Yes, ladies and gentlemen I’m now on Draft2Digital! Those universal book links will take you to any bookstore to buy my books.

And that’s kind of it for this week. I’ll be back next week with a longer, well, rant about how the new Birds of Prey movie is fucking terrible.

Have a good week!