New Fandom Heresy Post Coming Wednesday

It’s been a busy weekend for me, so I haven’t gotten any writing done. I’ll see you Wednesday!

EDIT: Well, not anymore. I took a bad fall yesterday and scraped my hands and knees. I’m okay, but I’ll be out of commission for a couple of days at least due to the pain.

So, the next Fandom Heresy post will be out Sunday instead.

Testuya Nomura and Brian Mitsoda, You’ve Stolen My Productivity!

Yeah, so guess what I’ve been doing for the past three weeks or so?

Between That Announcement and buying the total Kingdom Hearts package (don’t judge me), I haven’t gotten any work done.

On the other hand, I got a lot done beforehand, so when I resume working in April I should zip right along.

See you next week!


Another week, another update.

  • First, the research is not done, but done enough I can start crafting the skeletons of my stories
    • Why am I doing this, you ask? Because when I looked over my previous chapters, there were redundant arcs, mis-characterization and worse. A lot of it will have to be re-written.
  • On that note, the bare skeletons of the stories (as defined by The Novel Factory, anyway) are done.
  • Which means I can move on to the equivalent for my characters! Yay! I want to have them all finished by the end of this week, ‘cept Pokémon. That one will take a little longer because it has way more characters.
  • On that note, you should start to see some of my WorldAnvil stuff come online and become public this month, too. I will keep you all updated.

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The Standard Tech Case Files-The Black Coats ( When there’s a corpse on the street, somebody has to answer for that. When the body in question is the squire of a prominent vampire, the call for blood only gets louder. Follow Joey Bianco and his squire Jen Ryan as they hunt down a killer and try to keep the peace between vampires and humans.

The Standard Tech Case Files-The Dead and The Damned ( Tensions between humanity and vampires are heating up. A vampire store has been ransacked. Protestors are being arrested without trial. Can Joey Bianco and Jen Ryan find a peaceful solution? Or will the streets of Fort City run red with blood?

I’m Not Dead. My Respect For Humanity, On The Other Hand…

It’s been a long summer. Ontario’s burning, Greece is burning, Calgary just had it’s hottest day… ever, apparently. And once again, we’re covered in smoke.

There’s been two, count ’em two, shooting’s in the eastern half of my country. Once in Toronto, and another in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

On the fandom side, we’ve got the evolving saga of James Gunn vs. Disney vs. right-wing nutcake Mike whatever the fuck. Speaking personally, if every one of them died I’d sleep better at night.

Before that was the Batcat wedding, which I still don’t want to talk about, and then the casting of gentile Ruby Rose as the explicitly, devoutly Jewish Kate Kane aka Batwoman. And a huge chunk of fans revealing themselves to be anti-Semites. Great.

I feel like I missed something… oh yeah! How about all those racists who harassed Anna Diop? Doesn’t that just fill you with love for humanity? No? Good.

It’s frigging hard to be a fan these days. Hell, it’s hard just to be human these days. But, like the title says, I ain’t dead. I’m still writing, and I expect the next chapter of Uncanny to be up in a week or so.

Assuming Donald Trump doesn’t kill us all first.