Body Types, Body Image, And Comic Books: An Indictment Of Our Current Conversations

I’m back, and I gotta tell you: there’s nothing like pretending other people don’t exist for four days. It’s rejuvenating in the extreme; you guys should try it sometime.

Anyway, I’m back, working on mapping out new chapters, a new novel and my review of Troy: Fall of A City. And one thing that’s been bugging me throughout all of this is body types and shapes.

And man do I have some thoughts on the subject.

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Another Rant On Comic Book Costumes; Or Why The Leotard Is Unfairly Maligned.

The thing about working on comic book fanfiction while playing Injustice 2 is you get thinking about comic book costumes. And you get thinking about most people, from artists to fans to critics, are thinking about comic book costumes wrong.

Join me under the cut!

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