Yes ladies and gentlefreaks, there is an update:

  • The Uncanny X-Men: Part two of the Vanisher arc is up. Part three is in progress at about 20% done.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man! We’re out of the Chameleon’s introduction and into the Vulture! Part one is in progress, at about 15% done.
  • Pokémon Red Version: this next chapter is coming along very slowly and I apologize for that. However I say it’s about 50% done.
  • Batman: What, you thought I was going to do a fanfic universe based off of comics and miss this guy? Not a chance. The first chapter is around fifty percent done.
  • Wonder Woman: Call it a little over 25% done.
  • Superman: About 33% done. Big first chapter, don’t expect it to come out for a while.
  • The Fantastic Four: About 25% done.
  • No Blood For Business: On temporary hiatus. I hope to get back at after May.

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