Greetings, fellow true believers! Another week, another blog post.

First things first. As you all know by now, I am uploading all my novels to Smashwords and in preparation for breaking with Amazon entirely. Robots and Vampires: A Cyborg’s Odyssey is already up on Smashwords, and I will have both The Standard Tech Case Files: The Black Coats and The Dead and the Damned up by the end of this week. All three will be on by the end of the month.

Beginning in February, I will go back to writing my fanfiction and the next novel in the Standard Tech Case Files series. Also starting in February, I will have new rewards for my patrons on Patreon, so be sure to check those out! More details later.

Today, though, I want to talk about something else for a minute. Specifically, I want to talk about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. Join me under the cut!

Things That Need To Be In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order:

Here are all the things that I think need to be in MU3:

  1. Gratiutous amounts of Laura Kinney.
  2. Jean Grey and Storm need to be gratuously overpowered. Like, not just normal overpowered, but Mewtwo will all its AV’s maxed overpowered.
    1. Seriously, as a Wolverine fan, there is nothing more annoying than having Cyclops as a whiny asshat who is always wrong. It cripples the Wolverine-Cyclops dynamic, the larger X-Men dynamic, and just makes it a chore to read modern X-Men comics. Make! Cyclops! A genuine and badass hero again!
  4. May Parker. ‘Nuff said.
  5. For that matter, Miguel O’Hara.
  6. Stats we can actually put points into, and aren’t just tied to gear/level up.
  7. A wide variety of alternate costumes for each character.
  8. The Fantastic Four! I don’t care which monolithic corporate entity owns the movie rights, they’re all assholes anyway. I want the Fantastic Four in my freakin’ MU game.
  9. A return to the X-Men Legends style of combat, where both heavy and light attacks where chainable.
  10. Blade, Ghost Rider both need to be in.
  11. A decent assortment of X-Men/Avengers. I get that full rosters for both teams are impossible, but both MU games were pretty light on characters from both franchises.

Things That Should Not Be In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Here are all the things that I think should not be in MU3

  1. A plethora of MCU references. I don’t know about other comics fans, but I’m getting sick of the MCU and its fans who claim the movies are representative of/better than the comics. When I play an MU game, it’s for the comics references, not movie ones.
  2. On that note, the GotG and the Inhumans should be as optional as possible.
  3. Any references to Civil War or Civil War II. Those were stupid ass storylines and nothing from them should ever be carried forward into any further adaptations.

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