My Star Wars Story Arc Predictions, Part 3!

Goooood afternoon everybody! How are we all doing today? Pumped for Finnrey? Damn straight we are.

Time for my third and final story arc predictions. This time centering around everybody’s favourite two old fogeys, Luke and Leia. Join me under the cut!

Luke Skywalker

Ah, Luke. The Hero of Star Wars. The Son of Suns. The Last Jedi. The Heir of Anakin Skywalker. But not the Chosen One.

Luke’s Arc

Luke, like his daughter Rey, has a fairly simple arc. He has to overcome his despair and frustration and train a new generation of Force-using peacekeepers. There are really only a couple of wrinkles to this:

  • Whether or not Rey is actually Luke’s daughter. In terms of Luke’s actual arc, this isn’t terribly important: Luke still has to learn to accept Rey and train her, regardless of who she is. Rey’s parentage question serves to highlight all the subtleties and nuances of Star Wars, but it doesn’t really change anybody’s trajectory.
  • Whether or not the new generation of Force-using peacekeepers will actually be called ‘Jedi.’ My money is on that they will be, and the line in that first trailer is either a complete fake, or a sentiment that Luke has to move past. Frankly, Jedi are way too marketable to ever be completely off the table.

Will Luke Turn to the Dark Side?

Nope. Rian Johnson, in a new series of articles in Entertianment Weekly, basically spells it out for us:

“Even though you never really believe he’s going to go over to the dark side, the whole revelation of ‘I am your father’ has to do with Vader and this darkness that [Luke] thought he could just dismiss as ‘That’s the bad guy. I don’t have any of him in me,’” Johnson adds. “Suddenly he realizes ‘No, I come from him. I have quite a bit of him inside me.’”

Luke will be tempted, of course. The Dark Side is a part of life in Star Wars and Luke’s had more than his share of suffering and pain. But he’s Luke Skywalker. As Rian says: “You never really believe he’s going to go over to the dark side…”

Leia Organa-Solo

Leia! General Leia. Princess Leia. The original female hero of Star Wars, from which all others descend. Also the Twin Who Gets Shafted Out of Her Destiny The Most.

Leia’s Arc

Leia, like Luke, has a simple arc. Defeat the First Order, and train Poe to take over for her when she dies. Which we, unfortunately, know will be soon. Rest In Peace, Carrie Fisher.

Will Leia Die?

No, not in this film. But in between this one and the next.

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