God Is Sitting In An Irish Pub, Getting Sloshed: A Review Of The Most Pointless Week Ever

Let’s recap, shall we?

  1. Hamas attacks an Israeli fortified position with no support whatsoever, either in terms of actual weapons or politically. Israel defends itself with standard, albeit poor tactics, and we have 62 dead without a single scrap of land being gained or the peace process advancing. Man, even the generals of World War 1 didn’t suck this hard.
  2. The attack engendered a lot of meaningless support for Palestine, including some angry articles, a couple of marches and Turkey and South Africa recalling their diplomats from Israel. Again, no actual change in the region.
  3. The support for Israel is worse, given that it consists of an embassy change and comes from (in America, at least) a bunch of people who are openly using their support for Israel to kill both Jews and Muslims. Yay? Again, nothing actually changed.
  4. The Jewish community is fighting with itself. Again. As always.
  5. In other news, the American military managed to lose track of 21 trillion dollars. There’s no pithy comment here, the Yanks just straight up can’t account for 21 trillion dollars.
  6. In my neck of the woods, Alberta and B.C. are having a pissing contest over a pipeline they both know won’t be built in order to boost their ratings in time for the next election. It’s working, too, that’s the depressing part.
  7. On a much brighter note, the American Senate voted to restore Net Neutrality. Yay! Except it will almost certainly be defeated in the house. No yay.

There you have it folks. The most pointless week ever.

Oh well. It’s the May long here in Alberta and the rest of my family is going away for the weekend. That means no human contact for four days! Yippee!

I’ll see you guys all next week.

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Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary Safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety

Good morning. There are a few things I want to discuss today.

The first is the delay in the next short story. It’s not coming out in January; it will, however, be ready for the end of February/beginning of March.

Secondly, I have the beginnings of a plot for my next novel. It’s not quite there yet, but it’s definitely coming together. Still don’t have a title I like, though.

Thirdly, the work on Uncanny X-Men is likewise coming together. I expect updates to begin again at the end of February. I will keep you updated.

Finally, I want to discuss Donald Trump and his illegal, unethical, immoral and anti-American Muslim ban. Look, I’m not a liberal, feminist or much of anything really; I’m just a Canadian kid trying to make it as an author. But I know my history. And I know that Benjamin Franklin, quoted right there in the title, was absolutely right.

To begin with, Donald Trump’s executive order is both illegal and unconstitutional. Under the United Nations Refugee Convention of 1951, of which the United States is a signatory and therefore the treaty is considered federal law, it is forbidden to discriminate against any refugee on the basis of their religion. Further, the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act prohibit such discrimination as well. But finally, there is the First Amendment of the American Constitution which states very clearly that the United States Government will not establish or support any religion at the Federal or State level. The United States of America, by both law and constitution, is a secular country.

In addition, the ban violates the provisions of the 1951 Convention that claim that a refugee has the right to their family, and should not be separated.

Secondly, Trump’s order pole vaults over any ethical line. It was not established with due consideration from either the State Department or Justice, and it’s poor wording and vague language have left authorities at the airports stuck with a bad order they can’t enforce. No wonder the lawyers are having a field day with it.

That is not, however, the only ethical violation. None of the seven countries listed in Trump’s ban have actively contributed to anti-American or even anti-Western terrorism. Several other countries, however, such as Saudi Arabia, have. They are not listed in this ban. Why? Because they fill Donald Trump’s already full-pockets with yet more money. This executive order does not do what it claims to do, protect Americans, and is tainted with conflict-of-interest.

Thirdly, the order is deeply, utterly immoral. Immanuel Kant, the great German philosopher, tells us that human beings are ends in and of themselves. That they should be treated with all the due respect and dignity of any autonomous agent. This order does not do so; it reduces hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing the worst sort of depravity into nothing more than shadowy figures of nightmare; perpetrators of some as yet uncommitted crime. So much for innocent until proven guilty, eh?

But lastly, and most importantly, the order is a deep and ruthless betrayal of everything it has ever meant to be American. Look, I’m Canadian. Like most people outside of the States, I have at best an ambivalent attitude towards your country: you’re arrogant, self-righteous, poorly educated. You dominate any conversation you’re in and never look outside yourselves at the world around you. The only experiences that matter, in history or sociology, are those that happen to the United States of America and to Americans.

But. But you have also been capable of greatness unparalleled. My country has a reputation as peacekeepers and we did indeed invent the UN Peacekeeping force, but those efforts were built on the back of American muscle. Yours was the first Republican experiment in centuries, and you paved the way for other republics and constitutional monarchies to follow. The blood you shed, and even more importantly, your massive industrial and economic power, was vital to stopping the greatest evil that has ever threatened the world. Yours is a country of immigrants who made it; who survived and thrived, who were… all right, not welcomed. Not at first. But who proved to be vital to the weaving of the tapestry that is the United States of America.

This executive order is a rejection of that. It is a rejection of the immigrant story, of the quintessentially American narrative. It is a betrayal of everything you are, of everything you could be.

Benjamin Franklin would never have stood for this.

Alberta Politics

Look, when I built this website it was supposed to be about my books only. But Brian Jean, corruption and right-wing fanaticism in human form, is once again setting out to silence dissent and political discourse in Alberta. His goal is to merge with the Progressive Conservatives, drowning out all of the “Progressive” part of that party and making it into a right-wing, hyper-reactionary party. Much as was done to the Federal PC’s.

Look, I don’t know how many of you are Albertan. But we have to stop this guy. He is the prelude to Trump in America, a fate that must not befall us.

Spread the word. And let’s end this motherfucker.