New Schedule

So, for various reasons, the schedule I posted last time didn’t pan out.

So I’m going to try this schedule here and see if I can keep it:

  • This week: Pokémon
  • Next week: Wonder Woman.
  • Week after: The Fantastic Four.
  • Then, back to the Uncanny X-Men.
  • Week after that, Amazing Spider-Man
  • Week after that, Batman.
  • Then Superman.

We’ll try that for a while and see how that goes.

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Robots and Vampires ( Two hundred years in the future, a young cyborg stops the richest boy in town from killing a gynoid. Now he must flee from the only home he’s ever known to Fort City, base of the mysterious Standard Technologies, Inc. Can he trust them?

The Standard Tech Case Files-The Black Coats ( When there’s a corpse on the street, somebody has to answer for that. When the body in question is the squire of a prominent vampire, the call for blood only gets louder. Follow Joey Bianco and his squire Jen Ryan as they hunt down a killer and try to keep the peace between vampires and humans.

The Standard Tech Case Files-The Dead and The Damned ( Tensions between humanity and vampires are heating up. A vampire store has been ransacked. Protestors are being arrested without trial. Can Joey Bianco and Jen Ryan find a peaceful solution? Or will the streets of Fort City run red with blood?

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