I Finally Got Batman: The Enemy Within, Episode 4 And Here Are My Thoughts

Spoilers under the cut!

  • Insufficient amounts of Batcat. I opted for Bruce to take the fall for Selina and get his ass frozen, which you’d think would be a pretty big deal. But it was kind of glossed over in this instalment. Hopefully, we will get more of Selina in the next episode.
  • The Joker finally becomes a fucking villain! Yes, I chose to make him a villain. Why? Because I hate Telltale’s version of Joker. He’s creepy, servile, unfunny and hogs screen time. The fact that I get to punch his face in, repeatedly, in the next episode makes the last three dealing with this asshole all the more worth it.
  • Tiffany! Tiffany is awesome; I just wish we didn’t have to lose Lucius to get her. I like the way she looks out for Alfred when he’s down and her eagerness to help Bruce. Possible foreshadowing for a future role as Batgirl? I’d be annoyed if we don’t get Barbara, but the way it is now Tiffany has the ground work for the role. It could work.
  • I was going to say that if they kill Alfred we riot, but I can’t riot due to health issues and Telltale offices are probably way the fuck in the US somewhere. So lets not do that. Instead we will write angry e-mails!
  • Batman doesn’t kill. Goddamn right he doesn’t, and he doesn’t use guns either. I wish though that you could say something reassuring to Tiffany after that scene; her heart is in the right place and she’s got the enthusiasm and I don’t want her to think Bruce is being dismissive. Yes I made her reflective, but I don’t want to lose her support either.
  • Agent Iman Avesta is the only good person in the entire Agency and though I’m a dedicated Batcat shipper I also kind of ship her and Bruce? One True Threesome, the solution to all shipping problems.
  • Amand “The Wall” Waller! Not fat enough, but at least she isn’t the ‘evil bitch for the sake of being an evil bitch’ that she is in the DCEU. Obviously I made her and Batman enemies because, you know, she’s the director of black ops agency that tortures its prisoners, violates all known civil rights for fun, and is generally a pain in the ass, but still. It’s nice to have The Wall back.
  • Still not sure what I think about Telltale’s Harley. On the one hand, it’s nice to hear her proper New York accent again. On the other hand, I don’t much care for her costume (would it kill modern artists to put a character named after a harlequin in an actual fucking harlequin outfit?), or the fact that she’s picked a lot of the traits I hate in the Joker. But I do like her backstory with her dad.
  • Don’t much care for Mr. Freeze’s new gimmick or design (Mike Mignola’s design from B:TAS for the win) but as that’s the only thing changed about him I still liked Freeze. Naturally I chose to save him; Batman doesn’t kill, even by inaction.
  • Shoulda gone with the sticky bomb for Bane.

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