Wednesday Update

Hi guys! Time for this week’s update.

And I’ve got some bad news. It’s tax time, and it looks like my return is going to… light. Which is a problem because I was depending on that to get The Dead and the Damned published. Which means that The Dead and the Damned may not get published this year.

While I figure out my budget woes, however, I am going to take the time to hammer out the Standard Tech Case Files series bible, along with The Dead and Damned manuscript proper. After I’ve got the series bible hammered out, I’ll go back to my original goal of a short story a month, too.

In the meantime, you can check out my first two novels: Robots and Vampires and The Standard Tech Case Files: The Black Coats on Kindle. Robots and Vampires is also available on print-to-order, and will be in bookstores soon. You can also support me on Patreon.

I will keep you guys updated.

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