Some More Story Notes (proper update next week I promise)

Vampire Psychology
Vampires as Predators
– All vampires are predators, without exception. They think and feel in predatory terms.
– What this means differs from vampire to vampire. Some are horrified by the fact that they are predators, driven by a thirst they cannot control. Others are more accepting, having found peace in their ecological niche. Yet others have become monsters equal to any human, delighting in the slaughter and the carnage they cause. And everything in between.
– However, despite the large variation between individual vampires, some generalities to their psychology can be made:
o First, they have decreased empathy with humans. Vampires are more likely to see humans as prey, and their actions in a negative light, than humans are.
o Second, they have increased empathy towards other, predatorial animals.
 Second, Part 2: vampires can be territorial, however, and do not tolerate other predators on their turf. Their empathy only extends so far.
o Third, vampires are typically focused on the stalk, the hunt. They enjoy a good chase or a successful ambush, and even though they have a complex society that essentially farms humans, will go out (the exact rate varies) to hunt down a meal.
o Fourth, as predatory animals, they dislike confronting large groups of prey. They know that they are out matched and outnumbered, and will typically walk the other way if they cannot lure a single person out of the group.
o Fifth, and related to fourth, vampires prefer the shadows whether it’s the long dark of a hallway or a corner booth in a club where they can watch the door and as many patrons as possible.
o Sixth, vampires are often wary and prepared for any attack.

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