Some Vampire Weaknesses

Here are some of my vampire’s weaknesses:

• Vampires are much tougher than normal human beings, being resistant to bullets, explosives, and fragmentation.
o However, like any bullet resistant vest, they are vulnerable to bladed objects such as knives or swords, and a sufficiently powerful explosive or armour-piercing round will kill or injure them.
o On that note, the most reliable bullet to use is a depleted uranium round. If you do not have depleted uranium rounds, incendiary rounds, explosive rounds, and shotgun shells work just fine.
 For a shotgun to be effective, it must be a twelve-gauge shotgun firing buckshot. Anything smaller just isn’t going to cut it.
• Vampires have no particular weakness to fire compared to humans, but it does slow their healing down and can cause them to panic.
• The universal vampire weakness is to ionizing radiation, most commonly in the form of ultraviolet radiation. It causes a rapid decomposition of the vampire’s tissue; less a sunburn and more like rapid rotting.
o This is easily countered by covering oneself completely during daytime, as the UV won’t penetrate clothes. Hence, precious few vampires wear shorts or t-shirts outside of their own home, and are usually in suits and long coats, even in the winter.
o X-rays are an issue.
• Eastern Vampires are all weak to hawthorn, while Western vampires are weak to the wild rose bush, akin to an allergic reaction.
o Despite this, wooden stakes are not very effective weapons against vampires, requiring humans to get very close to the vampire and penetrate the ribcage. The most effective method is the Van Helsing method: surprise the vampire when it is sleeping, hammer the stake through the heart and chop off its head, all the while hoping it doesn’t wake up and kill you.
• Religious symbols such as crucifixes, holy water, the Star of David, or any other such thing have no biological affect.
• Although vampires are immune to all diseases, they sometimes act as carriers for various blood borne-plagues such as the bubonic plague and can pass that on to their Flock.

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