The Standard Tech Case Files

What Is The Standard Tech Case Files?

The Standard Tech Case Files is my main novel series. It takes place in the fictional city called Fort City, in the fictional state of Zion in the United States. It is an alternate universe where vampires and other mythological creatures are real and have had a an impact on human society and history.

In-universe, The Standard Tech Case Files are Joey Bianco’s reports on the cases he and Jen Ryan work.

What is Standard Tech?

Standard Technologies, Incorporated is the front company of the Black Coats, the ruling vampires of Fort City. It’s what allows them to interact with the mortal human government and do things like pay taxes and investigate crimes while still not being a part of mortal society.

Who are the Black Coats?

The Black Coats are the ruling vampires of Fort City. They consist of Baron Isaak ben Jacob, his Chancellor and dhampyr daughter Jessica bat Jacob, Joey Bianco his Master-at-Arms, Omar Taylor, his Chief Justice, Mikhail Ivanovich Tchaikovsky, his Minister of Intelligence, Chandramathi Dhaliwal, his Master Courtesan, and Nafisa and Neema Bartlett, his Foreign Minister and Minister of Trade, respectively. The newest addition to the team is Jen Ryan, Joey’s squire.

Together they must deal with corrupt cops, sleazy politicians, power hungry and ambitious vampires, battle-mad lycanthropes and a thousand other horrors constantly spawned by the blood stained streets of Fort City.

Welcome to the Fort. Only the dead survive here.

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