Self-Transformation, Part One: Experiments With A Safety Razor

Hello, and welcome to my new blog series where I document my steps away from inveterate slob and into… a better dressed slob. Eh, it’s a start.

Today, we’re starting with my first, clumsy, attempts with a safety razor.

Follow me under the cut!

Still with me? Good

Man, do I need to learn how to take a selfie.

Anyway, this is a picture taken after my first attempts with a double-edged safety razor and you’ll notice it’s a little rough. Here are some things I learned today:

  1. I don’t actually need to shave every day. Two or three days of growth will protect my face better and the razor won’t just cut my skin.
  2. Shaving nicks are an interesting novelty. I’ve never had them before; that probably has to do with my usually getting a barber to shave my beard and also letting my beard grow for weeks before shaving it.
  3. More lather! Shaving soap is nigh useless with out lots of lather, and canned shaving cream is just straight up useless.
  4. I’m never going back to a cartridge or electric razor. On a good day, they pulled my hair out. On a bad day, they didn’t cut the hair at all.
  5. Practice.

Here are some more pictures to highlight what I mean:

Next, my wardrobe.

See you guys next time!

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