Birds of Prey and the Massaging of Margot Robbie’s Ego

Just in case anybody’s wondering what my opinion on the upcoming BoP movie is.

There are a long list of problems with this damned movie, and Harley (played by the terrible Margot Robbie, who is also the producer and driving creative force behind this drivel) is at the top of the list.

  • First, there’s the fact that Robbie can’t act for shit.
  • Second, there’s the continued sexualization of someone with a mental illness. But now, with a thin feminist veneer, so that makes it a-ok!
  • Third, Harley is hogging an awful lot of the spotlight. She’s shown to be more competent than Black Canary, Huntress is virtually absent from marketing, and Cassandra Cain (the alleged main character) is nowhere to be seen! Okay, not quite. But she’s vanishingly rare.
  • Speaking of Cass, this version of Cass is pretty damned ableist. Cass in the comics suffers from PTSD, is illiterate, probably autistic, definitely neuro-atypical and a skilled martial artist. Movie!Cass is a random, mouthy kid who needs to be saved.
  • Helena Bertinelli is being played by an Anglo.
  • Where the fuck is Barbara Gordon? You know, the founder of the team?
  • The teams outfits are…wrong. Okay, I get it, BC’s outfit won’t work on film. Arguably, it doesn’t work in comics either. But why is one of the world’s greatest martial artists wearing a goddamn sports bra and long hair?
    • Harley looks an 80’s streetwalker
    • Huntress is wearing some kind of leotard thing and cargo pants.
    • Cass is dressed like some rich person’s version of a homeless person.
  • Black Mask is a camp gay stereotype.

There is nothing, nada, that makes me as a fan of these character want to watch this movie.

And, frankly, there shouldn’t be anything that makes you want to watch it either.

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