Claudius Wasn’t Perfect (Really).

The Twelve Caesars


There is another interesting thing that I would care to address that is rather amusing. I feel that media and books like I, Claudius tend to portray Claudius as someone who ‘saved’ the empire after Gaius (Caligula) died or ‘perfect’ or ‘pitied’ because everyone looked down on him. Many seem to feel that he’s just an innocent cinnamon bun that needs protection, etc. Yes, Claudius was forced to step into the role of emperor. People also looked down on him and his wives were horrible to him, but it’s important to note that Claudius wasn’t perfect.

1. He once had people executed in the ‘old-fashion’ style and had it all set up, but then had no executioner. So, waited until dusk for the man to arrive from Rome. (Suetonius. Claudius, 34)

2.  Demanded that all people who fell by mistake at the Games should have their throat slit and so he could…

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How did I miss this? [Commentary #1]

The Twelve Caesars

Okay, so in Tacitus, he states:

“ Whatever the fact was, Tiberius as he was just entering Illyria was summoned home by an urgent letter from his mother, and it has not been thoroughly ascertained whether at the city of Nola he found Augustus still breathing or quite lifeless. For Livia had surrounded the house and its approaches with a strict watch, and favourable bulletins were published from time to time, till, provision having been made for the demands of the crisis, one and the same report told men that Augustus was dead and that Tiberius Nero was master of the State” (Book 1). 

The angle many seem to take from this is that Livia was being secretive and ‘deceiving’ to the public so that Tiberius could return in time to become Emperor. Or that she had some kind of motive to surround the house- like not wanting people to find out she harmed Augustus.

However, I read this…

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My Four Finest Essays

Tumblr, Tumblr Why Have You Forsaken… Well, Not Me. But A Lot Of Other People

Ah, Tumblr. That wonderful free website where people argue, post fake facts and, most importantly, create fan content. A ton of fan content.

Not anymore.

In case anybody’s missed it, Tumblr has finally decided to do something about the myriad pornbots infesting the site. And by ‘something,’ I mean the worst possible solution possible.

They’ve decided, in their infinite wisdom, to ban all porn.

Sounds great, right? No more porn means people are free to connect with each other like real human beings and share their content without being harassed by skeevy people on the ‘net, right?


First off, here’s some testimony from someone who will be directly affected by the changes:

Secondly, a lot of fan content is, you know, rather explicit.

Third, and most importantly, the Tumblr staff are incompetent. Fat, drunk and stupid is a good way to describe them.

See, here’s the thing. They’ve ignored the pornbots, the Nazi and white supremacist blogs, and the general harassment endemic to their website for years and have done nothing about it. There are no moderators on Tumblr, hate speech gets ignored and everything related to content moderation is handled by bots.

Yes, bots. Not people, who can judge, analyze and discern, but algorithms. Algorithms that not only cannot discern between porn and art (which is a distinction to fine for humans, never mind a machine), but frequently mislabel and block stuff that has nothing to do with porn.

Stuff like the chronic pain tag, for instance.

So, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. For now, I’m still on Tumblr. I will, however, be spending more time on and updating this blog more frequently. This time I mean it.

I’m also on Twitter (@falconlord5) and now on World Anvil! Nothing’s up and ready yet, but I will keep you posted.

Stay tuned for next week, when I will reveal my plan for the New Year.

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