Claudius Wasn’t Perfect (Really).

The Twelve Caesars


There is another interesting thing that I would care to address that is rather amusing. I feel that media and books like I, Claudius tend to portray Claudius as someone who ‘saved’ the empire after Gaius (Caligula) died or ‘perfect’ or ‘pitied’ because everyone looked down on him. Many seem to feel that he’s just an innocent cinnamon bun that needs protection, etc. Yes, Claudius was forced to step into the role of emperor. People also looked down on him and his wives were horrible to him, but it’s important to note that Claudius wasn’t perfect.

1. He once had people executed in the ‘old-fashion’ style and had it all set up, but then had no executioner. So, waited until dusk for the man to arrive from Rome. (Suetonius. Claudius, 34)

2.  Demanded that all people who fell by mistake at the Games should have their throat slit and so he could…

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