A Very Late Weekly Update

Holy shit, have I been out of touch for two weeks? Yeah, apparently. Sorry about that guys, but I do have some good news:

  • The Dead and the Damned is finished, more or less. It’s got to go into my editor for one last polish this evening and then it’s done. After that, I’ll be submitting it to Kindle Scout and will be giving you guys opportunities to vote for the Dead and the Damned every day.
  • After I finish the Dead and the Damned, I’ll be restarting my work on the Uncanny X-Men. Look for the next chapter within the next two weeks or so.
  • Part of the reason I’ve been so sluggish is work, but I’m working my way out of my current job and into a more rewarding, both financially and personally, experience. That will also make it easier to keep up with my writing.

That’s it for this week! I’ll see you all next week, and remember: don’t vote for Trump!

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