The Vampire Club

The Vampire Club
by Josh Stoodley

Gloria Jones, a nineteen year old dame with dark brown skin, a broad, flat nose, light brown eyes and thick curly hair that spread across her pillow like so many ocean waves, woke with the kind of scream usually reserved for pretty blonds in B horror movies. Which wasn’t surprising, seeing as she had spent the last few minutes trapped in another nightmare, forced by her subconscious to relive her sister’s murder time and time again. No human can withstand that kind of self-inflicted torture for long, and Gloria’s horrified shriek had been long expected by the only other occupant in the room, a small pure white puppy with red tips on her ears and dark eyes. The pup, on hearing Gloria mutter and moan, climbed up onto Gloria’s bed from her own bed at the side and snuggled in beside her person, doing whatever she could to help the young dame through the misery currently plaguing her. Continue reading

The Vampire Club is…

Finished. And will be up tomorrow.

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