Wow, What A Month!

Holy shiitake mushrooms, Batman! This has been one interesting month, hasn’t it? First, Pokémon Legends: Arceus came out. Then my (nearly fifteen-year-old) hard-drive needed to be replaced, forcing more delays on my writing.

What else? What other world-shaking event could possibly have happened this month?

Oh yeah. Vladimir “I’m too crazy for Russia, crazy for Russia” Putin decided to invade freaking Ukraine! And botch it.

People much more informed than me have been discussing this on Twitter and elsewhere, but I’ll sum up the general consensus here:

Putin dun goofed. The Ukrainians have shown far stiffer resistance than expected, the Russian army has shown itself to be thoroughly incompetent, both NATO and the EU are reinvigorated… the list goes on. Select Russian banks have been kicked out of SWIFT, the international banking communications system. China is playing it cool.

The final analysis is that a lot of Russians, Ukrainians and others are going to die for… nothing. This is a pointless, stupid war. Putin will gain nothing from this, though it may sow the seeds for his eventual downfall.

What a waste of human life.

Regular posting will be back next month, I promise. See you next week!

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