If This Election Taught Us One Thing, It’s That Americans Don’t Need Trump To Be Evil

The polls close. Trump loses. How does the American left respond?

Why, by blaming absolutely everybody else for their failures and instigating a civil war!

That’s in addition to Americans continual need to comment on nations they don’t understand, couldn’t if they tried, and can’t find on a map, thus putting the citizens of the country in danger. Fucking empires, they never change, do they?

Oh! Oh! And all that’s in addition to Trump refusing to concede the election for weeks, stirring up white supremacist and neo-Nazi violence, culminating in that little march last night.

Fuck me, but I do hate America.

On to other news, I haven’t gotten anything done in the first two weeks of November (gee, I wonder why?). Starting tomorrow, however, that will change.

I’ll even have an update for you on yet another project I’ve started! Yeah, yeah, I know.

Later alligators. Don’t let the Americans bite.