Godzilla, I Choose You!

Hi folks! I just watched Godzilla: King of the Monsters on Friday and oh man, it was so good!

Today, rather than doing an analysis of the film, I want do something different. I want to talk about our favourite Kaiju as Pokémon!

Let’s start.


  • Type: Dragon
  • Ability: Thick Fat
  • Moves:
    • Atomic Breath: A variation on Hyper Beam, in that Godzilla needs to recharge afterwards.
    • Aqua Tail
    • Crunch
    • Body Slam

Burning Godzilla

Of course Godzilla gets a Mega Evolution!

  • Type: Fire/Dragon
  • Ability: Desolate Land
  • Moves:
    • Nuclear Pulse: an upgraded form of Atomic Breath, now lacking the recharge drawback.
    • Fire Blast
    • Dragon Pulse
    • Aqua Tail


Everybody’s favourite queen of the monsters!

  • Type: Bug/Flying
  • Ability: Delta Stream
  • Moves:
    • Signal Beam
    • String Shot
    • Fell Stinger
    • Fly


  • Type: Fire/Flying
  • Ability: Magma Armor
  • Moves:
    • Flare Blitz
    • Brave Bird
    • Roost
    • Tailwind


  • Type: Dragon/Electric
  • Ability: Drizzle
  • Moves:
    • Thunder
    • Dragon Ascent
    • Hurricane
    • Roost

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