Humble Tiberius is a Myth [Commentary #3]

The Twelve Caesars

I am about 1 ½ pages into Tacitus’ Annals and I think this is a myth that needs to be talked about. Not just here on Tumblr, but one that many believe to be true from what I have heard.

It’s the myth that Tiberius never wanted power and was a humble guy to start with. Or in general, during his time in power until he became old and paranoid.

While reading Tacitus’ Annals, Tacitus speaks about Tiberius’ relation to the senate and general relation to the power he obtained after Augustus’ death.

“For Tiberius would inaugurate everything with the consuls, as though the ancient constitution remained, and he hesitated about being emperor. Even the proclamation by which he summoned the senators to their chamber, he issued merely with the title of Tribune, which he had received under Augustus.  The wording of the proclamation was brief, and in a very modest tone. “He would,” it…

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