Happy Canada Everybody!

Or as I like to call it: the good national holiday!


May Mayhem!

All right, so May hasn’t been the best month for me, creatively speaking. My output has definitely fallen this month.

But fear not! For I am not dead by any means, and more stories are coming. Along with my review on Troy: Fall of A City.

June, in point of fact, should be a great month. So stay tuned!

I’ll keep you guys posted.

Body Types, Body Image, And Comic Books: An Indictment Of Our Current Conversations

I’m back, and I gotta tell you: there’s nothing like pretending other people don’t exist for four days. It’s rejuvenating in the extreme; you guys should try it sometime.

Anyway, I’m back, working on mapping out new chapters, a new novel and my review of Troy: Fall of A City. And one thing that’s been bugging me throughout all of this is body types and shapes.

And man do I have some thoughts on the subject.

Under the cut!

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God Is Sitting In An Irish Pub, Getting Sloshed: A Review Of The Most Pointless Week Ever

Let’s recap, shall we?

  1. Hamas attacks an Israeli fortified position with no support whatsoever, either in terms of actual weapons or politically. Israel defends itself with standard, albeit poor tactics, and we have 62 dead without a single scrap of land being gained or the peace process advancing. Man, even the generals of World War 1 didn’t suck this hard.
  2. The attack engendered a lot of meaningless support for Palestine, including some angry articles, a couple of marches and Turkey and South Africa recalling their diplomats from Israel. Again, no actual change in the region.
  3. The support for Israel is worse, given that it consists of an embassy change and comes from (in America, at least) a bunch of people who are openly using their support for Israel to kill both Jews and Muslims. Yay? Again, nothing actually changed.
  4. The Jewish community is fighting with itself. Again. As always.
  5. In other news, the American military managed to lose track of 21 trillion dollars. There’s no pithy comment here, the Yanks just straight up can’t account for 21 trillion dollars.
  6. In my neck of the woods, Alberta and B.C. are having a pissing contest over a pipeline they both know won’t be built in order to boost their ratings in time for the next election. It’s working, too, that’s the depressing part.
  7. On a much brighter note, the American Senate voted to restore Net Neutrality. Yay! Except it will almost certainly be defeated in the house. No yay.

There you have it folks. The most pointless week ever.

Oh well. It’s the May long here in Alberta and the rest of my family is going away for the weekend. That means no human contact for four days! Yippee!

I’ll see you guys all next week.

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Another Rant On Comic Book Costumes; Or Why The Leotard Is Unfairly Maligned.

The thing about working on comic book fanfiction while playing Injustice 2 is you get thinking about comic book costumes. And you get thinking about most people, from artists to fans to critics, are thinking about comic book costumes wrong.

Join me under the cut!

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A Rant on Superhero Costumes; Or Why All Modern Costumes Suck.

So Netherrealm Studios has been promising to add in hoods for Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen into Injustice 2. There is no expressing the degree to which this pisses me off, but I thought I would share my thoughts on the terrible state of superhero costumes with you.

Join me under the cut!

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James Bond

Hi peoples! I know that I haven’t updated any of my fanfic recently, tomorrow I promise! In the meantime, I thought this would keep you occupied.

Once again, there has been discourse over who should be the next James Bond. Fair enough; Daniel Craig will be moving on shortly. But who should be the next Bond? What characteristics make for the perfect super-spy?

Join me under the cut to find out!

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