Whoso Pulleth Out This Lightsaber of Snow And Ground Shall Rightwise Be The Heir To Anakin Skywalker

I was going to go with the inscription from Thor, but this one seemed to fit the Star Wars universe way better. After all, it’s not like wielding a lightsaber makes you strong in the Force, right?

But that’s right peoples, we are discussing the one, the only, Rey Skywalker today! I know she hasn’t been officially confirmed yet as Anakin’s grandkid, but… well, see my post on Rey’s parents.

In the meantime, join me under the cut!

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The Last Jedi

Hey, remember that time when they killed off Superman? Or replaced Batman with some darker and edgier twerp? Or that time when Dan Slott totally ripped off J.M. DeMatteis and replaced Peter Parker with Doc Ock? You remember how those stunts totally changed comic books forever, right?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Today we’re discussing Luke Skywalker, the Last Jedi Until He Trains Rey To Follow In Her Father’s Footsteps!

Join me under the cut!

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The Monster Under Your Bed Has A Name

And that name is Snoke! Yes weirdos and gentlefreaks, we are going to be talking about Snoke, easily one of the creepiest, nastiest, vilest monsters that have ever crawled out of the Dark Side in Star Wars. And yet, easily one of the most consistently dismissed, in favour of his freakin’ pawns. Today, we are going to try and correct that little self-delusion.

Join me under the cut!

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An open letter to the FCC


An open letter to the FCC

Hey, @FCC, You do realize that ending Net neutrality literally destroys tens of thousands of entrepreneurial businesses,  kills markets, and make it harder for folks to pay/ freely advertise for products, right?

Youtuber sketches and reviews? All online art? Finding music and bands organically. People buying and shipping stuff on Amazon. By making it two faster for rich folks you literally shut down all the avenues that people came up themselves.

It affects international and domestic trade, cause it will be harder for us to by and sell products (some of which might be life saving) and stuff from other States, Counties, Countries, and Continents.

If you throw all that away so big cable companies can make a few bucks, your limiting resources so more people can pay for your goofy bundle packages in the first place. That doesn’t cause economic growth…

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For the love of Finn!

Happy Ripoff Day, everybody! How are we today? Already dreading the endless turkey sandwiches? Excellent, that’s what you get for ripping off a Canadian holiday.

But I’m not solely here to berate you about American’s inferiority complex. No, today I want to talk about Finn. You know, the Deuteragonist of the Sequels? The only on-film stormtrooper with a conscience? The best shot in the galaxy, second only to Han?

Yeah, that guy. Join me under the cut!

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