Future Plans

Good morning, peoples! Yes, we are back on a weekly blog post schedule. Every Sunday on the Sunday I will be updating this blog.

But that’s not all! No! If you go under the cut now, you will get to see all of my future plans (well, for the next month and a half, anyway) for the low, low price of totally free!


As I’m sure you are all aware, Tumblr has decided to block all adult content on its site. As I’m sure you’re also aware, Tumblr either can’t or won’t hire actual human moderators for the site, and instead relies heavily on poorly-programmed bots to regulate itself.

Now, I’m all for the coming robot revolution, when they push us out of all known occupations and we’re forced on to the dole, but we’re not there yet. The current generation of bots cannot think, cannot discern. Which means that porn will probably get away scott-free and perfectly innocent content will get flagged. We’ve already seen that happening, and it’s going to get worse after the seventeenth.

So! I will be logging out of Tumblr on the seventeenth (well, the end of day today, really) in protest of this stupid decision. What happens after that, well…

Liveblogging The DCAU

That’s going to continue, starting today and skipping tomorrow for obvious reasons. Where it goes from there, I can’t say. I might migrate all that content to this site, I might not. It depends a lot on what Tumblr decides to do.


This is what you all really want to know, isn’t it? You guys don’t care about any of that other crap. Well, good because I’ve got some news for you. Both good and bad.

Bad News First

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I’m not satisfied with the way I’m writing Age of Marvels currently. It’s way too squishy and by the seat of my pants. Character beats have been repeated, arcs aren’t planned at all, and overall it just feels very amateurish.

As you may know, I started doing an overhaul of how I was writing back in the summer. But that, too, kept running into roadblocks. yWriter, while an excellent system in most respects, makes projects self-contained. So if you’re building a universe or something, you have to use a different program.

The program I was using for a long-time was Notebook.ai. But I found it too restrictive and not at all helpful. Then I found WorldAnvil! It’s much better, and will let you guys see the plan in some detail.

Of course, I’m not quite ready to go public with all my WorldAnvil stuff yet. But here’s a rough outline of what I intend to do, when I intend to get it done, and in what order:

  • First, research all the comics I’m going to be writing on. This is one of the greatest weaknesses of my previous method of writing the Age of Marvels and Pokémon, for that matter. I was basically doing the research as I was writing the chapters and that’s just a lousy way of doing things. So, instead, I’m going to do the research beforehand and this will allow me to avoid basic errors in the future. Due Date: Saturday, December 29th.
  • Next step is to write the meta-plot for Age of Marvels and the plot for Pokémon Red Version. I know what you’re thinking: wait, falconlord, haven’t you already done that? No, I haven’t. I told you this was all by the seat of my pants. Due Date: Saturday, January 5th.
  • The third step is where the two sets of fanfictions diverge. Because Pokémon doesn’t need a meta-plot, it’s a little easier to advance than Age of Marvels. So for Pokémon Red Version, I will be going through the plot and listing all the characters and settings I need and then developing them. Due Date (for listing the characters and settings): Sunday, January 6th.
    • For Age of Marvels, it’s a little more involved. I need to write the plots (or remainders of the plot, in the case of The Uncanny X-Men) for each individual line, and then do the character and setting listing that I’m doing for Pokémon Red. No due date yet.

As a side note, I’m going to update all my fanfic on fanfiction.net to let people know I’m now on AO3 exclusively.

No Blood For Business

There are a couple of things that are delaying the release of my next full novel. And they are all financially related. First, I need to upgrade my computer. Second, I need to pay for both a cover and an editor, neither of which are cheap. Otherwise, No Blood For Business is on the same schedule outlined above.

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