Some Story Notes

General Therianthrope Biology
General Therianthrope Diet
– All therianthropes are carnivores, without exception. Further, their preferred prey is always humans.
– Therianthropes cannot digest synthetic essential nutrients properly and thus cannot be fed with meat substitutes.
o Specifically, they cannot absorb any nutrients from vegetation. While they don’t expel plant material any more than they do meat, it’s little more than empty calories for them.
– Therianthropes have a hyper-efficient digestive system. Every part of their meal is digested and they produce no waste.
General Therianthrope Physiology
– All therianthropes are shapeshifters, albeit not all to the same degree. This shapeshifting manifests as: being able to turn into at least one animal, being able to turn into a hybrid form of animal and human, and being able to turn into a humanoid form.
– All therianthropes are mammals, despite the fact that some turn into fish or snakes. That is, they have mammary glands and all suckle their young. The exact nature of the glands differs from species to species and form to form, but they are all mammals.
– All therianthropes can interbreed with humans, but not with different species of therianthrope. It is unknown why this is so.
General Therianthrope Psychology
Therianthropes as Predators
– All therianthropes are predators of humanity, without exception. As such, they see humans as little more than a food source and a very dangerous prey animal.
Therianthropes as Shapeshifters
– All therianthropes are shapeshifters, usually alternating between animal and human forms. As such, they do not tie any great importance to physical appearance, as that can easily change.

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