Some Vampire Strengths

And here are some strengths:

• Vampires are between six and ten times stronger and faster than the strongest human being, depending on age, training, and diet.
o This means that the absolute lower limit of strength for a vampire is in the 2400 kilogram range (lifting) and the absolute upper limit is in the 4000 kilogram range (lifting).
o This extends to their bite, which is similar to an alligator’s.
o Despite their super-strength, vampires are capable of great delicacy and it is rare for a human to be accidentally harmed.
 Further, even an old vampire in the peak of physical condition can only use their maximum strength for so long. Vampires do tire out and need rest occasionally.
• Vampires are much tougher than normal human beings, being resistant to bullets, explosives, and fragmentation.
o However, like any bullet resistant vest, they are vulnerable to bladed objects such as knives or swords, and a sufficiently powerful explosive or armour-piercing round will kill or injure them.
o On that note, the most reliable bullet to use is a depleted uranium round. If you do not have depleted uranium rounds, incendiary rounds, explosive rounds, and shotgun shells work just fine.
 For a shotgun to be effective, it must be a twelve-gauge shotgun firing buckshot. Anything smaller just isn’t going to cut it.

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